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Why did US President Donald Trump's decision to kill Iran's military leader, Sleimani, trigger such a strong chain reaction? What will be the future of the situation in the Middle East?


The wave of clashes, which began with the death of a U.S. contractor on December 27,2019, gradually fermented to its present point through a series of \"tit-for-tat\" attacks on each other.


Since 911, pentagon officials have often offered the president "unlikely options" to make other options more realistic, according to 《's new york times.

  然而,特朗普偏偏选择了这一方案,而且似乎并未经过深思熟虑。 中新社记者陈孟统摄"src="/cnsupload/big/2019/12-19/4-426/"style="font-size:12px;text-align:center;"title="资料图:美国总统特朗普。记者陈孟统摄"/>

However, Trump chose this option, and it does not seem to have been considered. China News Agency correspondent Chen Mengtong \"src=\"\/cnsupload\/big\/2019\/12-19\/4-426\/\" style=\" font-size:12px; text-align: center;\" title=\" U.S. President Trump. Reporter Chen Mengtong \"\/>


Trump, however, did not \"go to extremes\" in the first place. On december 28th, according to the new york times, mr. trump rejected the option and authorized only air strikes against militias.


The White House argued that it was because of intelligence that Suleimani was planning an \"emergency\" attack. But the importance and authenticity of this information itself are controversial within the US government.


Moreover, the killing of Sulemanni was not the first time. Former U.S. President Barack Obama and George Bush have both faced this option, but they fear that this could lead to a new war in the Middle East.


《 The New York Times quoted former CIA analyst Alisa Slotkin as saying," There's only one question that stops them from assassinating Suleimanny: Is it worth the fightback and the air strikes that could put us in the midst of the conflict?"


Shane Oliver, chief analyst at security capital, said the risk of a further escalation was clearly heightened, considering a direct strike against Iran, Iran's threats of retaliation and Trump's tough stance, posing a threat of higher oil prices.


On the evening of january 6 local time, the government said in a statement that iran had abandoned the last limit, the \"limit on the number of centrifuges \", in the fifth phase of its suspension of the iranian nuclear deal. Therefore, Iran's nuclear program will not be subject to any restrictions.


Meanwhile, Iran has said its cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency will continue as before. If sanctions are lifted and Iran's interests met, Iran will be ready to resume its implementation of the Iran nuclear deal.


Dong manyuan, a researcher at the china institute of international studies, told reporters that iran's exit from the agreement was intended to be tough, but it was still \"offensive\" and essentially wanted to defend the validity of the iranian nuclear deal.


The fate of U.S. President Donald Trump's unilateral announcement in 2018 that the United States was withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal has been unclear. It is widely believed that the United States attempted to \"remove\" Iran's top generals to further pressure the Iranian limit.


Iran has already begun to phase out the terms of the agreement. The U.S. move certainly touched Iran's bottom line, not only because its nuclear deal has been completely stalled, but also because it does not rule out widespread retaliation.


On the 5th, three leaders of Germany, France and Britain had a telephone conversation. \"We specifically call on Iran to avoid further violence... It also calls on Iran to avoid actions that are inconsistent with the Iran nuclear deal.


China's former ambassador to iran, hua liming, told reporters that the u. s.military invasion of iraq since 2003, has been occupied for 16 years, in iraq, the u. s. military is tantamount to \"invading army.\" Recently, the U. S. military has repeatedly violated Iraq's sovereignty.


The U.S. State Department expressed disappointment at the vote in Iraq's parliament. Mr. Trump says U.S. troops aren't going to leave Iraq until the latter pays for an American-built air base. He also threatened to impose sanctions on Iraq.


In recent days, in iran and iraq, a large number of people have taken to the streets to express their condolences to surimani and iraqi shia militia \"people mobilization organization\" deputy commander muhandis, many people shouted anti-american slogans for full revenge.


According to mr dong, iranian anger at the u.s. is at a high point, but the iranian government does not want to go to war with the u.s., so its retaliatory action will be \"orderly \", the main form is to play the role of iran's\" circle of friends \".


Experts say u. s. agency personnel in the region and u. s. troops in the middle east may face a situation in which there have been frequent strikes or attacks, but the main messenger behind them is hard to figure out.


Al-jazeera believes that the possible targets could be a very broad area at the geographic level, extending from the persian gulf to iraq, syria, lebanon and yemen, and even the indian subcontinent.


Hamid Musawi, a political science professor at Tehran University, said the U.S. military bases deployed in the region, especially in Iraq, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates, could be a potential target for Iranian forces if Iran decides to respond.