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The sea and air set the battlefield, the training smoke thick. On january 2nd, a sea in the east china sea with its wings spinning and its engines roaring, several helicopters leaping, swooping and attacking, crossed tactics, and carried out several high-hard courses. This is the scene of the first annual flight training for a brigade of Army aviation in the eastern war zone. Fly to the deep sea to fly, dangerous and difficult to set the course of the whole course, the atmosphere of the actual combat.


\"As a land and air force stationed along the south-east coast, it is the mission and the need to win to enhance its maritime capabilities. According to the brigade leaders, the first flight of the new year has a clear guiding significance, must be close to the mission, difficult to organize training. They broke the old practice of not flying to the deep sea for the first time in the new year, and as soon as they flew, they highlighted the training of dangerous and difficult subjects such as sea formation, sea reconnaissance and so on, and broke through the \"bottleneck\" that restricted the combat effectiveness of the troops.


\"Select covert mobile routes to attack targets at sea.\" At around 1500 hours,\" enemy sentiment \"came suddenly. The helicopter formation immediately adopted the method of skimming the sea to reach the target by ultra-low air. After receiving the strike command, the eagle, who had been flying close to the sea, jumped up and swooped down after a brief hover at its highest point for a simulated attack on the target. The whole process.


All the way to the sea. During the flight, the weather turned negative, and the temperature and visibility gradually decreased. After receiving the new \"enemy situation \", Captain Li Lei decisively directed the crew to radio silence while accurately manipulating the warplane to lower its flight altitude, cleverly avoiding the\" enemy \"radar search. Throughout the training, they added \"enemy situation \", test a number of tactical topics. In the evening the warplanes returned. Without the slightest weariness, the pilots used the means of interpretation, video playback and so on to collect the relevant data of the day's sea training, and to study and improve the tactical warfare.


Open the training to open the test, training first general. Just after New Year's Day, the reporter visited the rocket army's \"regular missile first brigade\" launch training ground and saw a different \"training course\" from previous years: after the brigade leaders took out the cadre roster and randomly selected some operational posts, the firing unit cadres each went to the war position and began the whole post examination of the launch unit.


\"The point of entry will not be a whim. The brigade leader told reporters that in recent years, with the continuous in-depth development of actual combat training, the brigade vigorously pushed aside a multi-skilled, one-all-purpose launch commander, missile operator hand training, in order to enhance the officers and men on the battlefield emergency response capacity. However, not long ago, when they analyzed the situation of the combat effectiveness construction of the brigade, they found that some of the cadres of the launching unit had much more theoretical and practical operation, and some of the taste of \"talking on paper\" about the requirement of \"mastering the arbitrary operation post of the launch unit \".


As the first \"100-hundred-hundred-hundred-china brigade \"of strategic missile troops, we should not only keep an eye on the peak value of combat effectiveness standards and practice limits, but also keep our feet on the ground and firmly grasp every link of military training. This year, the brigade will assess the basic skills of grass-roots line commanders as the \"opening play\" training, to lay a solid foundation for combat effectiveness, improve the actual combat level of a clear guide.


Check the scene, the training supervision group synchronously \"go to the battle \", according to the\" one-to-one, post staring \"evaluation mode, the operation action, key links, technical rules and so on to evaluate and score. The cadres of the launching units who participated in the examination looked for gaps in more than 20 operational items and more than 200 competency standards in the table. Mo xujian, who launched nine companies, said:\" victory is made up of the competence of each combat link. Only by practicing every link to the extreme can we win more.\"


In recent years, through the normalization of the combat plan, actual combat test, dynamic update of the way, constantly refine the basic line commanders in the complex conditions of combat capabilities, the emergence of a number of effective new training and new methods of combat, consolidated the \"hundred hair hundreds of\" the ability base.


Qin qianjiang, special correspondent gao hongwei reported:\" a certain sea area found unknown'hostile situation', please take off quickly to check.\" On january 2, a military airport cloud low, battle eagle roar, in the tower commander li yong issued a take-off order, a group of naval airmen anti-submarine patrol aircraft have been howling.


Chief liu zhihua took off the first flight of the aircraft, the first to arrive in the designated airspace, under the command of tactical commander wang she-lin quickly established contact with the surface of the ship, a practical exercise began. Find a suspected target! Radar inspector sun xu urgently reported the position and distance of the \"enemy\" target, and wang shelin immediately alerted the crew members and formulated specific \"enemy\" countermeasures.


Delineate area, establish search area, low altitude skimming sea flight... The warplanes were getting closer and closer to the waters where the suspected enemy had emerged. At the moment, sonar operator Huang Gaoming attentively listens to the sound echo from the depths of the sea, and all kinds of signal target data on the screen flash. Comprehensive analysis of the target observation, radar development characteristics, photoelectric reconnaissance results and more than 10 data, the unit concluded: detected the activity of the target, is the \"enemy\" to be searched. Finally, through collaboration with the surface ships, they accurately target and strike to achieve the desired training results.


Reporters at the scene learned that in view of the characteristics of the new annual training mission and the new outline, the regiment is close to the tactical background, in the training plan focused on emergency response and joint aircraft training. In this training, pilots also face the complex climate conditions, such as more than 10 complex conditions, is a comprehensive test and exercise. Liu Zhihua, who has just stepped off the warplane, told reporters:\" It is the norm for our troops to use their troops for thousands of days. Only by making up the short board and making it more difficult, starting from the actual combat needs, can the army be called in under the complicated conditions.


New year's first shift, so that a destroyer detachment armouries section chief gao yang excited: foreign combat effectiveness analysis, the same day military situation at sea, naval vessel ammunition loading details became the theme, and used for many years of personnel statistics, holiday safety management notice and other content disappeared. \"Shift must adhere to the word war, the center in the middle. \"said the head of the detachment.


At this time, the detachment of huangshan ship and several units of the battleship to meet the wind and waves to a certain sea, launched a 72-hour naval combat drill. As soon as the formations were out of port, the battle began quietly, and underwater \"enemy\" submarines went out of their way. Each ship uses the shipboard information system, takes the single ship as the node, weaves a huge information network, joins forces \"the shark hunting \".


Another area of the sea, the detachment of the battle readiness of the Shenzhen ship launched a ship damage management course specializing in refinement. Identify the location of the fire, check the fire site adjacent area power failure, evacuate the surrounding cabin personnel. Under the command of Liu Wei, deputy commander of the damage management, the officers and men dressed neatly and handled the danger in an orderly manner. A wave of unleveled wave after wave, the cabin suddenly blackout, equipped with damaged pipe personnel emergency flashlight immediately lit up. By virtue of the faint light, the damaged management team skillfully entered the cabin to search, move out of flammable and explosive items, control the fire, check the reburning condition, a series of clean action.


The reporter turned over the plan for the new year's military work of the Huangshan warship and found that, in the study of operational issues, eight specific research topics, such as \"Analysis and Evaluation of the Related Performance of a New Type of Battleship\" and \"Cooperation against Subsubmarine \", were listed. An analysis of the status quo, a pragmatic initiative, and a quantitative data map for the new year's training.