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Recently, China's judgment on the first instance criminal judgment of Deng Ming's bribery crime has revealed the bribery facts of Jiang Jianjun, former director of Sichuan Railway Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd.


Jiang Jianjun was born in December 1968 in Mianzhu, Sichuan. From 2001 to 2009, he worked in Guanghan City for eight years. He has since served as secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection at Sichuan Chemical Holdings (Group) and as a member and director of the Sichuan Railway Industry Investment Group Co. Ltd. The investigation was announced in February 2018.


In August 2018, the People's Procuratorate case information open network released a news that Jiang Jianjun was arrested on suspicion of bribery while he was deputy secretary of the Guanghan Municipal Committee and mayor.


The judgment, published by China's refereeing documents network, confirms the prosecution's allegations. Deng Minggui (the legal representative of Sichuan Guanghan Peace Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Guanghan City Peace Building Decoration Co., Ltd.) has given then-Guanghan City Changjiang Jianjun a total of 2 million yuan \"thank you fee \", thanks for its\" support \"in project development and so on.


According to the judgment: Deng Minggui and Jiang Jianjun in 2004 after the introduction of acquaintance, frequent exchanges. Knowing that the villagers of Jinhua Village, Liuyang Road, Guanghan City, sought developer cooperation, prepared to give it a piece of resettlement land for commercial residential development, Deng Minggui found Jiang Jianjun, seeking its support, and Jiang Jianjun made it clear that he was willing to help.


Deng Minggui and Jinhua Village, community cadres to further negotiate the development of cooperation, and revealed that the matter has been supported by Jiang Jianjun. The village, community cadres in view of the relationship between Deng Minggui and Jiang Jianjun, and in order to successfully handle land denaturation procedures to be developed as soon as possible, they chose to sign a cooperative development agreement with Deng Minggui. Deng Minggui through Jiang Jianjun's help to complete the land change procedures, and through the government recruitment procedures to obtain the land.


One day in the second half of 2007, in order to thank Jiang Jianjun for his \"care\" in the above-mentioned projects, and to obtain more \"support\" and \"help \", Deng Minggui took out 1 million yuan from his spare money stored in the garage and in the car, packed in a traveling bag, and then called Jiang Jianjun to say thank her.


Deng Minggui and Jiang Jianjun's younger brother Jiang Mou agreed to meet at the gas station near Guanghan City, and after meeting, handed over a 1 million yuan travel bag to Jiang Mou, and said it was for \"Jiang Ma \". That night, Jiang will be this 1 million yuan to his sister Jiang Jianjun.


The verdict was accompanied by Jiang's testimony.\" One day in the second half of 2007(I can't remember the exact time), I visited my parents in Guanghan'Sun Liyuan', where my sister was. She called me that afternoon and told me to go to Deng Minggui to get a package, don't talk too much when you get the package, just take it and go away. I drove to the appointed place, and when Deng Minggui had already arrived, he brought me a package from the car.


Deng Minggui learned that Sichuan Dongfang Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as \"East Axis Factory \") to move, the original site land can be used for real estate development, proposed to Jiang Jianjun to participate in the\" East Axis Factory \"land development project, and asked its help to introduce the company's legal representative Zhang and its understanding.


After that, jiang jianjun and the \"east axis factory\" legal representative zhang at dinner to talk about \"east axis factory\" land denaturation, and take the opportunity to introduce deng minggui to zhang, proposed by the \"east axis factory\" site land conversion procedures. Having learned that Deng Minggui had a very good relationship with Jiang Jianjun and that he had made no progress in the process of handling the land denaturation formalities, Zhang agreed that Deng Minggui would help with the land denaturation formalities and let Deng develop the land real estate together.


Shortly after that night, to thank jiang for his \"help\" and \"care\" in the process of \"east axle plant\" land change, and to further maintain the relationship between the two sides, he took out 1 million yuan in his car and garage reserve, put it in a cloth bag and contacted jiang jianjun, who said he was at home. Deng Minggui, carrying a 1 million yuan cloth bag, drove to the Sunshine Liyuan District of Guanghan City, where he lived. Soon after, Jiang Jianjun came out, and Deng Minggui handed Jiang Jianjun a cloth bag with cash, and the two sides left each other.


\"I saw him carry a white opaque bag, and he handed it over to me and said to me,'Gang Ma, thank you ha, this 1 million yuan is a little bit of my mind, I and Zhang very happy cooperation, thank you for introducing us. 'I quit and took it. When I got home, I opened my pocket to see that there were 100 bills,100 bills,10 bundles, a total of 10 bundles, a total of RMB 1 million yuan,\" Deng Minggui gave me this 1 million yuan, because I introduced Zhang and he knew, they were very happy to work together, maybe Deng Minggui also made money on this project, plus he wanted to further maintain a good relationship with me.


Deng Minggui said that he had given money to Jiang Jianjun in order to thank him for giving \"attention\" in the process of land acquisition and land change. I sent her money to keep her relationship alive.


The court held that Deng Minggui's above-mentioned acts have already constituted the crime of bribery and should bear the criminal responsibility commensurate with his crime according to law. However, the active confession of bribery before being prosecuted may be mitigated or exempted from punishment according to law. He was eventually sentenced to two years'imprisonment and suspended sentence of three years for bribery.


Li Chengyun, who served as director of state capital in Sichuan Province, was in charge of industry, science and technology, information industry and state-owned assets after he was promoted to deputy governor in 2008. Li Chengyun was promoted to vice governor the following year, Jiang Jianjun transferred to Sichuan Chemical Holdings (Group) company discipline inspection committee secretary.


“Beautiful face, petite figure, charming smile, elegant temperament. "This is Jiang Jianjun's" subordinates and friends "during his term as mayor of Guanghan, and in this article, Jiang Jianjun," the last eight years have been like a clear stream of water, as subordinates and friends, I have seen at close range around the beauty mayor Jiang Jianjun around the various people, such as respect, admiration, appreciation, care, war, justice, loyalty, clever, timidity, obsequious, condescending, seize the opportunity, use, bullying... It can be described as colorful, dazzling, true and false difficult to distinguish. “


Jiang Jianjun, female, Han nationality, born in December 1968, Mianzhu, Sichuan, on-the-job graduate degree, joined the Communist Party of China in June 1990, joined the work in December 1985.