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In the past decade, the NBA has belonged to the 70s and 80s, and in the coming decade, the 80s will line up to usher in their 40s, one by one, and the \"95s \"and \"00s \", once regarded as children, will be looking at the entrance. History, no one can stop it.


It's no surprise that everyone is walking too fast. Do you think that LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony are running for 36? Can you clearly realize that Stephen Curry is about to turn 32? They are not old yet, but they are the beacons of the letter brothers and the eastern geeks.


In particular, when Durant, Curry and Irving are unlucky enough to be knocked out by injuries, this year's All-Star list, you have to be ready for new names and new trends.


The 2020 All-Star vote, announced a few days ago, is clearly not a surprise. East Cic, as a loner leader, as a foreigner, won James on the count, won last year's MVP, Ando Kunbo, and became the first-round \"ticket king.\" To borrow a word, this is called the voice of the masses.


The crowd, of course, sees much. So far this season, East Chichi field average points, a rebound, secondary assists, why his ability to pressure James and the letter brother? Because even if the data is brushed, those two have not brushed such data, and the 22-12 loner can now rank fifth in the west, such data is absolutely true.


There are, of course, more reasons to be liked. For example, he is an international player, a young man from slovenia with a little childishness on his face, and a young man who has been deliberately cultivated in an \"international gene\" team.


We can't say for sure how many dallas fans, slovene fans, or europeans voted for eastern cic, but that must be an important source for his fans. In fact, from the point of view of European players, when Nowitzki, Gasol and Tony Parker are retiring, the arrival of a new icon like Eastchic is in time.


In the front-court vote in the East, Alphabet Brother certainly topped the list. Anderto kunbo is from greece, followed by two players in the eastern front-row, mr nbede from cameroon and mr siacam from cameroon. However, because both of them went to college in the United States, many people tended to ignore that they were also international players.


Last year's All-Star list included Andto Quinbo and Embiid, along with Vucevic, Jokic and Simmons, who also belong to international players. In this year's case, the list will only increase.


Because, with the exception of East Cic, Alphabet, Embiid, Jokic, Simons, or Big Chance, Siacam and Porzingis can all look forward to it.


These international players, the oldest Embedd, the letter brother and Sicam, are under the age of 26. They can maintain a high level in the next seven or eight years without major injuries. As for the next month's 21, no one knows what he will do in the future.


What's more, you'll find something more interesting than your international predecessors: international players of the past are among the few who have been able to play the most important role in the team, and the new generation of international players are becoming more and more likely to be the lap of the team by virtue of their growing talent and talent.


This is definitely closely related to their overall capacity enhancement. Most of the former outside-field internationals were second- and third-place pitchers because of their innate technical advantage. And now, look at the letter brother, look at the East Cage, look at Simmons, they are really hard to define which position to play, but they are definitely the tactical engine of the team, the rhythm of the whole team.


Former international players, occasionally with one or two superstars, now have big international players who are at the core of the team, as well as Jokic and Embiid, as well as Saabnis and Porzingis, as well as Gobel and Capella, or attacking or defending the backbone of the game.


It has to do with the international player's self-promotion, but also with the overall NBA trend, today's heavy-handed trend, for the basic skills, relatively delicate skills of international players must be beneficial, when the original explosive, less confrontational weaknesses are objectively circumvented, they are more likely to use their own advantages to impress the team and fans.


Even in a postseason that will eventually require bayonets and defenses, some of the weaknesses will sooner or later be exposed and dealt with by opponents, at least in the minds of the masses, the letter brothers and the eastern cicians will have a chance to be their favorites for a long time to come.