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[Sohu's TopTest] Midsize cars are like a watershed, and when it comes to that level, people are more concerned about the comfort and identity of the vehicle. But in addition to this, they did not lower the standard of motivation, home users will have some space requirements. Today we are combing for you the 4 joint venture brand medium car tested by TopTest team since the second half of 2019, hope to bring you some reference value.


In terms of parameters, the ford Taurus is the most impressive. Mazda Atz is the only medium-sized car that still uses a self-priming engine, and Toyota Asian Dragon's hybrid system performs better when it starts.

别克对于向上挑战这件事一直有执念,早年间的新世纪、林荫大道便凭借着别具一格的美式风格成为了豪华品牌的有力竞争对手;而如今,不再有一款单独的车型来完成这项任务,接力棒来到了别克旗下旗舰轿车君越的手中,因此,我们在进行比较时不能够简单地将同级别B 级车型列为竞争对手,更要将豪华品牌中型轿车考虑在其中。

Buick has been obsessed with the challenge, and in the early new century, the boulevards have become a strong competitor to luxury brands with a unique American style; and now there is no single model to do the job, the baton has come to the hands of the Buick flagship, so we cannot simply compete with the class B model in the comparison, but rather consider the luxury brand car midsize.


The new Junyue standard turbocharged engine, with a maximum power of 177 kW and a peak torque of 350 nm, and a transmission system matching a nine-guard self-contained gearbox, is worth noting that the maximum torque output range of the eighth-generation Ecotec engine has advanced to 1,500 rpm, which is more favorable for the low-twist performance of the vehicle.

将车辆的电子稳定系统关闭并按下Sport模式按钮,松开刹车油门到底的瞬间,轮胎会发生轻微打滑,随后便向前窜出。1挡、2挡都能感受到不错的爆发力,最大G值可达到左右,并能够持续秒左右。挂入三挡后车速攀升速率放缓,G值回落至左右,主观加速感受也柔和不少,最终实测成绩为秒。同级别高配车型基本都搭载了涡轮增压发动机,参数方面差距也不明显,两款B 级直接竞品的百公里加速成绩差距不大,搭载自然吸气发动机 电动机的亚洲龙在参数方面与君越Avenir和金牛座差距有些大,即便有电动机的加持也在这个环节败下阵来。

Turning off the vehicle's electronic stabilisation system and pressing the Sport mode button, the moment the brake throttle is released to the end, the tire will slip slightly and then dart forward. The first block, the second block can feel the good explosive force, the maximum G value can reach left and right, and can last about seconds. After the third gear, the speed climb rate slowed, the G value fell to the left and right, the subjective acceleration feeling is also softer, the final measured results are seconds. The same class of high-matching models are basically equipped with turbocharged engines, the parameter gap is not obvious, the two B-class direct competition of the 100-mile acceleration of the gap, the natural inspiratory motor with the Asian dragon in the parameters of the Avenir and Taurus some of the big gap, even if the motor blessing is also lost in this link.


Braking performance is quite good, the results of meters is located above the Sohu brake standard line, in the full force of the brake pedal moment you can get close to the maximum G-value, and then, the whole section of the G-value can be kept above -1, such performance as its flagship model safety standards.


Based on our experience with the test drive of the TNGA architecture, these bolder, more manipulative new generation products are trying to break the impression that Toyota has left us, as are the Asian dragons. The asian dragon, who once hit the u. s.market with the \"big sofa\" attribute, is taking the hat off with real action and embracing the mainstream young consumer in a more balanced way. However, this is a new attempt for the Asian Dragon after all, and its success depends on whether it has a strong product to support it.


On the power side, the dual-engine model is equipped with a natural inspiratory engine named A25B, with a maximum power of 131 kW and a peak torque of 221 nm, and is differentiated from the A25A engine used in the gasoline version. The dual-engine model's compression ratio rose from 13:1 in the gasoline version to 14:1 in pursuit of higher fuel economy. In addition, a broader range of torque output also allows the engine to have more sustained power output, enhancing collaboration with the motor. With the power of the motor, the maximum power of the hybrid system is 160 kilowatts.


In the vehicle hanging to the S block, directly using the form of floor oil to complete the start, the tire will not appear skid phenomenon, the starting stage can feel the obvious feeling of pushing back. At the beginning of the acceleration, the maximum G of the vehicle can reach the left and right, in this class of models is not outstanding; similar to the same hybrid system with the feeling of the brother, the Asian Dragon's mid-to-late acceleration will gradually stabilize, although the explosive force has weakened, but the natural inspiratory engine still showed a relatively sufficient power reserve, linear and calm power output mode less sensory impact, but not slow speed, eventually, the Asian Dragon's hundred kilometers of acceleration results in the final freeze.


The performance of the braking system is above the average level, the maximum G value of close to - appears in the initial stage of the brake, and then the G value can be basically stable at -1, the brake force output is linear, and the controllability is high. At the same time, after many tests, there is no obvious thermal decline phenomenon, the results up and down floating less reliable also can stand the test. In the end, the best result of the Asian Dragon's 100-0 km\/h brake is meters.


For this new generation of artez, the voice on the network is mostly mixed, summed up mainly in the following points:1, the appearance of the interior design style changes, but the range of change is not enough to become a replacement model;2, the old model on the use of the power assembly has not been changed or improved;3, the actual driving quality of the car has improved, but whether the degree of improvement to consumers willing to pay for the order remains to be seen.


The self-priming engine has been with artez for too many years, and the overall power parameter is not bright, but the big heart gives it a continuous linear output, and the power at the back of the self-priming engine can make you feel the thrill of rising speed, which doesn't make your eyes bright overall, but it doesn't hesitate to give you support when you want to finish overtaking and so on.


Acceleration, in an age of turbo-engines everywhere, is a bit less explosive than a self-priming engine, as if you'd been on today's high-speed rail and then on a green-skin train, but the data show that the displacement engine isn't as bad as what we feel, the 0-100km\/h acceleration in seconds isn't as bright as it is, but everyday use is enough. It is not difficult to see from the diagram that the body posture control is good, and there is no phenomenon of excessive rise.


In braking, the output mode of braking force does not change with the previous generation model, the brake pedal front half brake power output is weak, the rear half brake power is more adequate, but the transition between the two sections is not soft enough, so if the new owner needs a certain adaptation time, but in the face of emergency braking, the brake force output is very sufficient, absolute braking force is not weak.


Popular brand products are difficult to exceed their own price \"ceiling \", take Changan Ford Taurus as an example, Taurus first launched when the price range of 10,000 yuan, the top model has been close to the price of the Audi A6L low-match model, which makes Taurus become very embarrassing, few consumers will give up luxury brand models to choose the top Taurus. At present, the 2019 Changan Fute Taurus sold in a certain adjustment, cut off the earliest and power version, only to provide a power version, the price range corresponding to the adjustment to 10,000 yuan, pricing has become reasonable.


The 2019 Taurus currently offers only one engine, which is actually more reasonable, after apparently not enough power to drive a large'body' like the Taurus, and the version directly boosts its price.


Turn off the body stability system, brake, throttle at the same time after the engine speed will remain around 2900rpm, loosen the brake ejection start, the front tire will have a slight skid phenomenon, about loss of seconds. After the tire recovers its grip, it can feel that the power is linearly steady output. Although the peak torque of the engine reaches 390 N · m, the whole acceleration process is not irritable, the shift process is smooth and difficult to detect, the steady power output conforms to the positioning of its business vehicle, and the full acceleration best result is locked in seconds. In the initial stage, the body posture is stable, the front suspension can hold the body firmly, and the phenomenon of vehicle lifting is controlled reasonably.


Full braking, Taurus body posture control stable, the front and back suspension are controlled within a reasonable range. It can be seen from the graph that the maximum g value of braking is only -, such a number shows that the braking power is not particularly direct, the initial stage of the braking power is partial to the virtual, but better than in the whole section of the braking force release stable and uniform, finally got a good result of meters, reached within the standard line.


The CDC's active suspension is a unique configuration at the same level, and it does its duty to guard the balance of the road and comfort of the vehicle, allowing you to remain in a calm state of driving. In the pile-up segment, LaCrosse Avenir ran out of \/h, even in the face of luxury brand competition can also be full of courage, but have to say, CDC active suspension is more to affect the subjective experience of passengers in the car, from the outside of the car, the overall attitude of LaCrosse Avenir is not actually elegant.

前麦弗逊 后多连杆的悬架组合基本属于同级别车型的标配,但由于有CDC主动悬架的加持,君越Avenir的悬架在调校方面有更多的空间去留给舒适性,在经过一些细碎振动时,底盘几乎不会让你感受到异物的存在。而在经过幅度较大的障碍时,弹簧会在压缩后迅速回弹,且这个动作过程比较利落,车身不会有多余的抖动,高级感体现得很明显。

The suspension mix of the former McPherson and rear multilinks is basically the standard for the same class model, but with the addition of the CDC's active suspension, there is more room for comfort in the adjustment of the LaCrosse Avenir's suspension, and the chassis almost doesn't make you feel the presence of a foreign body during some fine vibrations. And after the larger obstacle, the spring will spring back quickly after compression, and this action process is relatively sharp, the body will not have excess jitter, the high-level sense is very obvious.


Because the layout of the battery pack is optimized, the position is reduced, and the vehicle center of gravity is reduced accordingly, followed by a more rapid and sensitive body response. At the same time, compared to the fuel version of the more reasonable counterweight layout also allows dual-engine models to have a more relaxed performance of the limit. In addition, the rear suspension anti-roll bar strength enhancement is also the vehicle can have the higher limit safeguard. In the end, the double-engine model in the pile link achieved \/ h results, in the B-class car market is quite good.


Chassis, gasoline version of the standard AVS adaptive variable suspension, the system can automatically monitor the road surface and achieve 50 per second adjustment, and each shock absorber barrel has 650-class damping adjustable inside. Such a practical configuration would have been extended to the dual-engine model, but unfortunately the dual-engine model did not carry this greatly enhanced ride experience configuration. At the same time, although the brand in the same class of hantai venus has no brand surface, but the effect is good, this main mute and comfortable tire is more suitable for the use of the asian dragon scene.


Manipulation has always been Mazda's trump card, in this replacement, the original GVC system upgrade to GVC-Plus system, originally only for the front wheel after the auxiliary system upgrade can play the same role in the rear wheel, the advantage is that it can be more rapid and stable over the bend.


Mazda's suspension system is in place for the body's support, this point you can see from the pile around the limit of the suspension system as a whole or in favor of a sporty style adjustment, in the face of large fluctuations on the road potholes, suspension system compression rebound are more crisp, one-step in place, will not appear redundant vibration. And the small fluctuation of the road surface will be transmitted to the car, popularly speaking, is more clear sense of the road.


Medium and large cars are not suitable for too intense driving, the business positioning of the taurus suspension itself on the comfort, plus more than 5 meters of body length, in the 18 meters of rapid pile around the test link will appear relatively bulky, the tail of the average, but the contralateral is better.


After the suspension of the control arm using aluminum material, equipped with a more robust stable rod, thick with material. The overall adjustment of the chassis is more comfortable, the suspension is in place to filter the fine bumps and bumps, most of the impact can be effectively resolved by the suspension, the vibration transmitted to the car is very soft, Taurus chassis comfort in the same class is one of the best, showing the business car should be a high standard.


Arvinir's bodywork and materials are consistent with the characteristics of the American car-heavy, but in idle state, engine noise is more obvious, although the results are above the excellent standard line, but there is a certain gap with our expectations. When the vehicle moves, the wind noise and road noise are quite suppressed in place, and then the superiority of the Avenir in the body sealing is reflected.


The two-engine model's excellent performance in noise was expected, with decibels of idling noise, or electric noise, easily beating almost all fuel cars. After the engine intervenes to participate in the power output, the noise of the Asian dragon begins to return to normal. It can be seen that at the speed of 60km\/h, the engine speed is not high, the noise value is still obvious, but at the speed of 80km\/h,120km\/h, the engine noise will be somewhat delayed, which is also a common problem in most dual-engine models. It is commendable that the chassis and tires are very good at filtering road noise, and the wind noise will not cause too much disturbance to the quietness of the vehicle.


Noise has always been the subject of constant criticism from Mazda, and the noise problem does improve in this generation, but it's just the feeling in the car, especially in the cold start-up, which is caused by the fact that the engine needs to exhaust the ternary catalytic unit to reach the working temperature, so without changing the exhaust layout, the problem itself will not be solved, but the manufacturer will also try to place more soundproof materials in the firewall, A column, floor drop and so on, in order to keep the owner from the noise.


Taurus overall noise control can reach a higher standard, if strict contrast, Taurus idling noise in the same class is medium, speed up after part of the speed of noise and wind noise control is quite good, only at 80 km\/h speed of noise over the excellent value of Sohu cars, other speeds have reached the excellent standard.


Mazda atts is leading the way in the pile-wiping test with good handling, but it's not good enough to improve noise control. But Taurus has a fine interior and texture, and a comfortable ride that caters to this class of users. If combined with the price, the Toyota Asia Dragon over-class space is more favored by home users.